Well this has been a bit of a surprise. In three years Granny Mo's Deli has gone from baking cakes in my small apartment kitchen, to one, two and three market stalls and now we have a shop. 

The shop's been open for over two years and it's evolved organically into a busy and 'busting to the seams' business. 

Whilst a lot of products are homemade and freshly prepared daily, a lot are also locally produced, underpinning our commitment to support local artisan businesses. Alongside we have other products from all over the world such as Irish Black Butter, Italian Torone nougat, olives and charcuterie.

We're fussy which products we have in our deli, they have to be able to tick each and every box in a rigourous list of requirements to sit on our shelves. Over the course of the last year we have introduced the greengrocery which has proven to be a tremendous success amongst the locals. We try hard to source as much veg from local producers as possible and hopefully we'll find local fruit producers too this year for the summer months.

Complimentary to this theme, all salads, savouries, soups and cakes are made from our greengrocery section. It's a wonderful feeling to know your carrot cake is made from carrots grown only a few miles away...

We have also introduced a confectionary corner with fudge, nougat, gourmet popcorn, cannoli, traditional sweets and peanuts. 

And for vegan and gluten free, we try our best to give you lots of options too.

In addition to the above we are launching our online shop which is an exciting new twist for us. You can see items for sale if you click on 'order online' on the header above. 

Thanks for your support, without folks like you this business wouldn't survive, so thank you very much.

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