During the last four years there’s been ups and downs. Like all, Covid made an impact on all our lives and livelihoods but there wasn’t an awful lot that could be done other than taking precautions and following in that great British tradition of ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’.

But when mum passed last year that shook my world in a manner that is indescribable. The bottom of my world fell out and then, like a row of dominoes, other personal stuff ‘happened’.

Taking everything into consideration I have decided to either sell the business or rent the shop with all the equipment to enable me to have more quality family time. The shop is leasehold and there’s over a year to run with an option to continue.

From baking in my kitchen to a market stall and then progressing into a shop, it has been quite a journey over the last four years, but I need to step away and look to a future where I am free to be with the most important thing in my life, my family.

If you are interested in buying the business or renting the shop with all equipment (ideal for a start-up), please email me


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